Zetron has announced that its MAX Dispatch and ACOM Command and Control systems are FirstNet ready and now support network-integrated, broadband PTT interoperability with three of the four largest US cellular carriers.

They are also interoperable with over-the-top PTT solutions such as ESChat. The company states that MAX-Dispatch and ACOM consoles are also ready for IOC-1, pre-MCPTT integration with FirstNet, and are field upgradable for future 3GPP Mission Critical PTT (MCPTT) interworking.

In addition to supporting a variety of voice call types, including Emergency calls, Zetron’s consoles can serve as an LMR-to-LTE and LTE-to-LTE interoperability gateway, enabling cross-carrier PTT operation, with preservation of traffic priority, regardless of solutions used on those carriers. This enables FirstNet PTT users to communicate with commercial PTT users on other carriers.

“Now that all states have opted-in to FirstNet, subscribing agencies will be planning for the necessary integration of their PSAP systems with the NPSBN” said Randy Richmond, Zetron’s standards & regulatory specialist. “What we are offering is particularly important for multi-agency dispatch centres whose agencies may be split between using FirstNet and other carriers, because dispatchers can now control cross-carrier LTE-to-LTE PTT interoperability, as well as LTE-to-LMR interworking. This is yet another leadership step in Zetron’s migration plan in preparation for broadband in the PSAPs.”

Last week, Zetro announced that it had joined the recently formed International Critical Control Rooms Alliance (ICCRA), a working group of The Critical Communications Association (TCCA), which brings together critical control room professionals to deliver excellent mission critical services.

“Zetron is pleased to join the International Critical Control Rooms Alliance. With its unique focus on mission critical command and control, this is a great opportunity to help shape our worldwide direction as we migrate our dispatch, CAD and emergency call taking solutions from narrowband voice to broadband data,” said Zetron’s Richmond.

“Our goal is to become the focus and platform for critical service control room discussions, learning and development of proactive measures designed to create constant evolution and ensure best practices,” said Peter Prater, ICCRA Chairman. “We’re thrilled to have Zetron as a member of this groundbreaking organisation.”

ICCRA is open to any person or organisation engaged in the provision or support of critical control room service, across all sectors.

Author: Sam Fenwick