New IOP (TETRA interoperability) certificates have been issued, acknowledging interworking between Motorola Solutions infrastructure and a variety of terminals manufactured by Airbus Defence & Space. The development follows the latest IOP test session, recently held in Kraków, Poland.

  1. The trunked mode operation (TMO) tests were carried out on the Airbus TMR880i, TH9 and TH1n terminals and Motorola’s Dimetra IP R9.0 switching and management infrastructure (SwMI).

A spokesperson for TCCA said: "The interoperability certification process was developed to ensure that users and equipment suppliers benefit from a truly open multivendor market for TETRA systems and equipment. A healthy, competitive, open, multi-vendor market brings proven benefits to users. These include choice of equipment and supplier, and continuous development of new products with increased functionality and improved price performance.

"For manufacturers, it eliminates different and incompatible implementations of the TETRA standard and provides a formal test forum that enables competing manufacturers to test a wider range of product compatibility. Users can be confident that products awarded an IOP certificate have been rigorously tested and the functions fully meet the TETRA standard. This allows users who select equipment from a number of suppliers to reduce the amount of system integration and testing that they need to undertake."

The official TETRA IOP is managed by TCCA’s Technical Forum (TF). For each TETRA feature that is to be certified, a TETRA Interoperability Profile (TIP) specification is created, based on ETSI TETRA standards.

Author: Philip Mason