Motorola Solutions and the Republic of Lithuania’s Ministry of the Interior have signed a five-year contract, under which the company will modernise and maintain the country’s nationwide TETRA network.

The network is used by Lithuania’s public safety organisations such as the State Border Guard Service police, fire and rescue departments as well as ambulances and state law enforcement agencies.

The modernisation programme will include upgrades to the controller hardware and the base station software for operations. Motorola Solutions will also provide maintenance and support services for five years, including real-time network monitoring from its network operations centre and the delivery of technical support, repair and security services. It will deliver an end-to-end incident management system using call taking, dispatch and first responder workflow systems to help Lithuania’s public safety organisations respond more effectively, have greater access to actionable intelligence in the field and improve the outcomes of their operations.

“Ensuring reliable communications for our public safety and emergency organisations across the country and at our state borders are vital,” explained Evaldas Serbenta, director of the IT and communications department under the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Lithuania. “We can meet the highest public safety standards only when we equip our public safety and emergency organisations with state-of-the-art, mission-critical communication solutions that meet and exceed requirements today and in the future. Thereby, our first responders can rely on their technology lifeline and focus on their day-to-day operations in the long term.”

“Motorola Solutions will modernise the Lithuanian digital mobile radio communications network by providing access to the latest functionality and security services,” said Michael Kaae, vice president Nordics, Eastern Europe & Russia at Motorola Solutions. “The best-in-class, 24/7 services will be delivered from our regional Motorola Solutions network operations centre, which not only provides real-time monitoring services for maximum availability but also enables proactive monitoring, allowing incidents to be addressed before they impact services whilst providing a high-quality, secure and accessible system to all users.”

Author: Sam Fenwick