(Advertorial) Fast voice and data transmission with the most complete level of coverage, even in difficult environments: These are the extremely demanding requirements that are placed on professional mobile radio (PMR) these days – and the demand for individually tailored, versatile and high-performance data applications is constantly increasing

In particular, authorities and organizations in the public safety sector, as well as supply and transport businesses and the industrial sector increasingly require broadband data applications in order to increase public safety or to optimize their day-to-day operational processes.

Broadband data services (4G LTE systems currently offer the fastest transfer) form the foundation for all types of mobile data applications. In the public safety sector, the operational personnel on the ground or in the control room can obtain a much better impression of the situation if high-resolution photos can be exchanged or live videos can be streamed.

Access to the world of fast broadband is also a real advantage for companies in an extremely wide range of sectors since relevant applications can be used to significantly increase their efficiency and productivity. Thanks to fast broadband connections via LTE or WiFi, automated production or supply systems can be controlled and monitored remotely in order to implement changes relating to changing loads, production rates and real-time technical monitoring – with the help of Machine to Machine (M2M) data or Internet of Things (IoT) data.

At the same time, a stable and, above all, secure voice transmission – and therefore one of the main performance features of traditional PMR networks such as DMR and TETRA – continues to be an important and indispensable basic prerequisite for mission-critical communication.

Combination of narrowband and broadband

This means that the combination of narrowband and broadband communication for mission-critical applications is an ideal solution. The Multi-mode Advanced Radio from Hytera (PTC760) combines both of these features in just one device. It offers a convergent platform for the high-end encrypted transmission of critical voice communication and from LTE broadband services. The radio is therefore becoming an indispensable assistant for task forces and operational personnel. The Multi-mode radio combines complete functionality and performance within Integrated Command & Control (ICC) systems. Voice transmission (via narrowband) and video streaming (via broadband) take place in real time and with a high level of quality in both directions: Both from the radio to the central operations center, and vice-versa from the central operations center to the user of the Multi-mode device. Furthermore, Radio over IP (RoIP) offers the highest levels of flexibility.

With the Multi-mode device, Hytera has created a platform for countless application solutions based on Android that offer unlimited possibilities – individually configured for the area of application and the user.

To name just a few examples: Operational personnel from the public safety sector benefit from secure messaging, video streaming and data acquisition, among others; while, in the industrial sector, intelligent solutions for optimizing work-flows are in demand. Applications here range from simple work checklists and time logs through to agile order and operations management and even extensive mobile documentation incorporating sensor data and photos. This makes it quick and hassle-free to complete ISO processes and other general or company-specific procedures, without the need for time-consuming and costly paper documentation.

Furthermore, the Multi-mode Advanced Radios can incorporate IoT solutions, such as digitally controlling machines or measuring and monitoring data from sensors by app.

Broadband PMR in the retail sector

Even outside of mission- and business-critical areas of application, the importance of applications in radio communication is increasing significantly. A great example of this is the retail sector: In addition to voice communication, there is an increasing demand for data applications that provide support for day-to-day operations. Broadband can therefore be used to easily check stock levels using a camera scan, for example, or to quickly access data in order to offer the customer a better service.

In addition: For the retail trade or other commercial sectors that do not require highly encrypted communication, such as security companies, corporations and on construction sites, a radio solution with pure LTE devices represents a great, inexpensive alternative – the new PNC370 from Hytera offers great voice transmission within the framework of a Push- To-Talk over Cellular solution (PoC) and, in the same way as the Multi-mode radio, is a flexible platform for broadband applications.

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Integrated Command & Control (ICC)

The ICC system from Hytera allows for a comprehensive and secure emergency call control system in cities and is suitable for use within various industrial scenarios, in which, for example, a central operations center is required in order to receive calls, to collect information, to generate disposition orders, to delegate personnel for processing tasks, to collect disposition statistics and to monitor the processing.

Further application scenarios for the ICC include: Government hotlines, securing production, oil industry, safety supervision, airports, railways, emergency medical care and urban management.

PTC760 – The bridge between TETRA and broadband

Hytera’s revolutionary LTE/TETRA hybrid radio – the PTC760 – provides a truly convergent platform for the transmission of critical voice communications and LTE broadband data services. It interconnects the two technologies to form a converged solution to allow users to enjoy the best of both worlds: PMR is best to deliver voice applications, including group and emergency calls, and 4G LTE provides fast data services to support a multitude of applications.

Whether it‘s machine-to-machine (M2M) or Internet of Things (IoT) data sharing of images and streaming video from the field, or even interrogating databases and roaming between sites, the Hytera multi-mode handset offers advanced functionality and flexible communications. Converging on one device means staff does not have to carry two separate handsets to access the best in voice and data technology.

Typical LTE Multi-mode functions:

■ Data Acquisition – Detect the surrounding environment, provide alerts and acquire data in real time, communicating continuously with back-end systems for informed decision making.

■ Secure Supervision – Maximize the encryption services and control system to push secure data for evidence capture and critical information sharing.

■ Flexible Applications – Applications and third-party API‘s can provide flexible tools and gateways to make the most of the LTE data services.

■ Seamless Communications – Seamlessly switching between networks, utilize public or private LTE networks to afford additional communication flexibility outside of your PMR network.

■ Wireless Support – Conduct batch programming, upgrades, permission control and data backup over LTE with the Hytera Smart MDM software.

■ Versatile Voice Calls – Make the right call - utilize public or private LTE networks for voice communications.

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