Airbus, together with Munich's municipal utility operator "Stadtwerke München", will equip the 54th Munich Security Conference with mission-critical communication solutions.

The Tactilon Dabat, which combines a secure Android smartphone and TETRA radio in one device, will be used during the conference for the first time. Special applications were designed for this event and will be put to use on the Tactilon Dabat to support the event's proceedings.

A separate TB3c base station will be connected to Stadtwerke München's existing radio network. A TB3hp base station will be also be installed in the vicinity of Munich airport - another first for the event.

According to Airbus, the radio system will keep operations secure during the event. Because of the need for heightened security measures, it has been enhanced with special encryption features.

The Airbus-provided system will enable mobile communication for security and conference staff as well as the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) personnel over the entire period of the conference. In parallel, Stadtwerke München is once again making the Airbus TH1n, which Airbus claims to be the world's smallest TETRA radio, available to conference staff members. The company adds that it is particularly suitable for covert use, and has been proving its effectiveness at the Munich Security Conference for years.

Over the past years, the Munich Security Conference, initially launched in 1963, has become one of the most important conferences in the field of foreign and security policy. Each year, it provides high-ranking policy makers from all over the world with a forum for constructive discussions of current and future security challenges. As is the case every year, numerous guests from Germany and abroad are expected to attend.

Author: Sam Fenwick